Wednesday, 26 June 2013

British MP to discuss GE13 fraud claims when he visits KL, says Suaram

Suaram’s reports on the allegations of widespread electoral fraud during GE13 has drawn response from Britain that it stands "ready to support the process of reform where it can".
The British Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Hugo Swire, also said Britain “has “consistently underlined its support for further political and economic reform in Malaysia”, according to a press release by Suaram yesterday.
Suaram said Swire, as the minister responsible for relations with Malaysia, made these statements in a letter to William Cash, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Malaysia. The MP is due in Malaysia this week on a trade visit.
Cash gave a digital copy of Swire’s statement, dated June 13, 2013, to Suaram. In it, Swire further advised Cash that the British government "made clear our belief (to the Government of Malaysia) that allegations of irregularities made by opposition parties and civil society groups should be investigated fully".
Cash had been initially approached by the Labour MP for Rutherglen & Hamilton West, Tom Greatrex,, who was given reports of the electoral fraud allegations from Suaram.
According to Suaram, Greatrex referred the Foreign Office to "widespread concerns and worrying allegations about the conduct of aspects of the general election that took place in Malaysia in May", during a parliamentary sitting.
Suaram said, referring to Hansard records, Greatrex pointed parliamentarians to "intimidation at polling places, phantom voters and incomplete electoral rolls".
The Labour MP asked Ministers to inform the House "as to whether they will be taking those issues up with the Malaysian Government".
Hansard records Swire's reply as: "I am going to Malaysia next week and I can confirm that I shall be looking into this at first hand." – June 26, 2013.